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Latest FOBL News

Top 250 Active Hits Leaders - End of 2050 Regular Season

Posted By: frozenrope

Another season in the books. 10 players cracked the Top 250 during the season, let by Barstow's Vince Tellez, who's #226. 2 players officially retired in the minor leagues as of today (Alex Mejia - a legend, and Chad Allen). There will surely be more by the time we get to 2051.

I've added ages as well, per Subby's wish. Wasn't too hard once I got the original listing.

Rank - Current Rank of Active Players
SoS - Ranking at beginning of 2050
Name - Name
Team - Listed team in StatsLab
Team 2 - Current Team
Overall - Current Rank of All-Time Players
SoS - All-Time Players Ranking at beginning of 2050
Year - Years in which player was in Majors

Hits - Number of hits as of current day
LW - Hits at beginning of 2050
Diff - Number of hits player accumulated in 2050

All other columns are more.

[Comments: 2]


My 2050 All-FOBL Team

Posted By: DukeRulesMAB

(1st Teams-2nd Teams-3rd Teams-Total Teams)

1st Team
C: Pat Church, HOL (1-0-0-1)
1B: Norm Henson, HOL (2-0-0-2)
2B: Pat Preston, BAR (2-0-0-2)
3B: Al Petty, MIL (1-0-0-1)
SS: Don Jones, TRE (3-1-0-4)
LF: Griff Gaywood, SLC (1-1-0-2)
CF: Len Hayes, HOL (12-0-0-12)
RF: Trey Richmond, CAP (6-0-3-9)
DH: T.J. Crater, MIN (1-0-0-1)
SP: Gene McClendon, MBJ (4-2-1-7)
SP: Hector Martinez, BAR (1-0-2-3)
SP: Deron Morrison, ARZ (4-4-0-8)
RP: Raul Jiminez, LAS (3-0-0-3)

2nd Team
C: Chet Hohn, POU (0-1-0-1)
1B: Hector Rodriguez, GRN (0-1-1-2)
2B: Alex Coronado, BOS (0-2-0-2)
3B: Pepe Pinga, MBJ (0-1-0-1)
SS: Robbie MacDonell, AYR (0-2-0-2)
LF: Micah Kelly, NRW (3-1-0-4)
CF: Pat Bowden, TRI (0-1-1-2)
RF: Pat Cooke, DAV (0-1-0-1)
DH: Don MacKinley, TRI (0-2-1-3)
SP: Ian Kerns, MIL (0-1-0-1)
SP: Geoff Cullins, POR (0-2-0-2)
SP: Jarred Sutton, NRW (0-2-1-3)
RP: Julian Rubio, LAS (1-1-1-3)

3rd Team
C: Jerry Brantley, MBJ (0-1-2-3)
1B: Vince Tellez, BAR (1-1-1-3)
2B: Mitch Robinson, ARZ (0-1-3-4)
3B: Artie Perkins, GRN (0-0-2-2)
SS: Milo West, NRW (2-1-1-4)
LF: Manny Morin, ARZ (2-0-2-4)
CF: Bubba Lewis, ORO (0-0-3-3)
RF: Clint Stevenson, TRI (0-0-1-1)
DH: Kip Thompson, UTI (0-1-1-2)
SP: Raul Guzman, HOL (4-0-1-5)
SP: Lonnie Aldis, MIN (1-1-3-5)
SP: Dusty Whitfield, GRN (0-0-2-2)
RP: Don Lewis, UTI (0-0-1-1)

- Sad day, as the full decline of Happy Rivera has begun; this I believe is the first time in his long career he's not made by All-FOBL team. In a bit of symmetry, the "next" great SP makes his first All-FOBL team in his rookie season, Milwaukee's Ian Kerns.
- Len Hayes: Still the best ever. Declining a little at this point, but he was so great that he can decline more.

[Comments: 8]


Top 250 Active Hits Leaders - Updated through Monday's games

Posted By: frozenrope

Rodrigo just keeps on keepin' on.

New members:

Vince Tellez #237
Alex Coronado #239
Pat Church (The RECENTLY TRADED Pat Church) #242
Jeremiah Kirkland #244
Cisco Garcia #245
Brad Potter #246
Pat Fox #247
Derrek Buckner #248 more.

[Comments: 2]



Posted By: wolvie109

Thanks to the Pope for bringing this up and adding HOURS upon HOURS of work for me! jk. Here we bring you PART DEUX of the FOBL-NOMICS. So who is the most economical when it comes to winning. Who spends the most (NRW of course)? Who has the most playoff appearances and how much did they spend on those appearances? Here is a Franchise by Franchise look of their history.


Wins: 3903 (19th Most)
Losses: 4036 (19th Least)
Playoff Appearances: 14 (T-16th Most)
Championships: 1 (T-12th Most)
Total Payrolls: $1,556,029,897 (13th Least)
Cost Per Win: $398,675.35 (16th Least)
Winning Season: 23 (T-21st Most)
Cost Per Winning Season: $37,764,351.70 (10th Least)
Losing Seasons: 26 (T-21st Least)
Cost Per Losing Season: $26,440,377.23 (23rd Least)
Cost Per Playoff Season: $36,411,573.14 (13th Least)

Arizona has a good run going from 2044 to this season with six straight playoff appearances. They've had a low payroll early in this run and this good money management has brought their Cost per Playoff season down a lot. They were fairly lowly with only one winning season in nine in Dakota. The dancing in Arizona must have had a great effect as they have righted the ship and the Discotheques have shown consistency throughout the more.

[Comments: 3]


The Economics of FOBL

Posted By: wolvie109

Had this idea I ran by Morg the other day. Which team is the most economical when it comes to winning. Naturally it would be easy to just tally up the total number of payroll each team has accumulated over the years and divide it by the amount of wins that they have accumulated over the years (Which I did anyway). Well Morg brought up that number would be skewed because of tanking. He's right this is why I came up with this: Which team is the most economical in their winning seasons (over .500) and which team is the most economical in their losing seasons. Also since the history only has payroll listed since 2026, I've only included these teams. I'm also including stats like win% over those years and number of winning and losing seasons and their ranks in comparison with the rest of the league. Hopefully I'm able to do this once a day, but more than likely I will be able to do a lot more.

So Here Goes:

Win%: .533 (4)
Winning Seasons: 15 (T-4)
Payroll per Winning Season: $32,539,251.67 (23)
Losing Seasons: 9 (T-4)
Payroll per Losing Season: $17,393,767.44 (9)
Cost Per Win: $311,266.38 (18)

Win%: .543 (2)
Winning Seasons: 17 (T-2)
Payroll per Winning Season: $33,2389,701.35 (25)
Losing Seasons: 7 (T-2)
Payroll per Losing Season: $18,301,016.14 (14)
Cost Per Win: $328,358.61 (26)

Win%: .488 (21)
Winning Seasons: 14 (T-8)
Payroll per Winning Season: $23,436,091.29 (6)
Losing Seasons: 10 (T-8)
Payroll per Losing Season: $21,812,730.50 (25)
Cost Per Win: $288,097.35 (7)

Win%: .477 (28)
Winning Seasons: 9 (T-27)
Payroll per Winning Season: $22,834,862.44 (4)
Losing Seasons: 15 (T-27)
Payroll per Losing Season: $22,731,549.07 (27)
Cost Per Win: $294,761.06 (11) more.

[Comments: 4]


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