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Individual Honors


2001: Richard Berglund
2006: David Tiffany
2020: Matthew Avina

Silver Slugger

2003: Daniel Berman
2004: Carlos Gatton
2006: David Tiffany
2020: Matthew Avina

Platinum Pitcher

2006: Kevin Ben
2007: Jorge Romriell

Fireman of the Year

2004: Patrick Crumbley
2012: Charles Watkins
2013: Charles Watkins

Rookie of the Year


Manager of the Year

2001: Mike Krueger
2015: Michael Benson

All-Rookie Team

2003: Cesar Younger (SS)
2014: Wesley Taylor (3B)
2020: Mike Hazas (RF)

1st Team All-FOBL

2001: Richard Berglund (LF)
2003: Carlos Gatton (1B)
2004: Carlos Gatton (1B)
2004: Derek Comerford (2B)
2006: David Tiffany (CF)
2007: Jorge Romriell (SP)
2012: Charles Watkins (CL)

2nd Team All-FOBL

2001: Carlos Gatton (1B)
2002: James Rone (C)
2002: Derek Comerford (2B)
2002: Robert Maddox (3B)
2002: Daniel Berman (LF)
2002: Joel Grasso (SP)
2003: Daniel Berman (LF)
2004: David Tiffany (CF)
2005: Carlos Gatton (1B)
2006: Kevin Ben (SP)
2007: Pat Gordon (DH)
2007: Patrick Crumbley (CL)
2011: Charles Watkins (CL)
2015: Benjamin Dorrough (SS)
2017: Benjamin Dorrough (SS)
2020: Matthew Avina (RF)

Owner Bio

Mike Benson (aka Crow, Scarecrow, aka Mrs. King) became a permanent fixture on the FOBL landscape in 2007, following one of the more successful and colorful tenures in history, The Mike and his merry band of Columbus Crocodiles/Cutthroats. Apparantly during an argument over a name change (finalists were to be between the Carcinogens and the Kumquats) The Mike angrily and suddenly resigned as GM, leaving an opening that Mr. Benson quietly slid into. "I like to slide," the affable Benson said after the hire. "My mother always wanted to push me on the swings, but I kept telling her that I liked the slide better."

He decided to keep the franchise in Columbus ("It IS the largest city in Ohio, after all."), change the name to the Crows, and go about the business of acquiring pitchers with blazing fastballs and odd-shaped crew cuts.

Striking gold in his very first season, the Crows made it to the SS in '07. He has not been able to match that feat since, although he's suffered only 2 losing seasons since taking the helm. "Hey, Dan Marino never won the big one, either. And I have less nose hair than he, which I strongly believe is a plus."

Franchise Lineage:
2007 to Present: Columbus Crows -- Owner: Mike Benson (aka "Scarecrow")
2003 to 2006: Columbus Cutthroats -- Owner: Mike Krueger (aka "TheMike")
2001 to 2002: Columbus Crocodiles -- Owner: Mike Krueger (aka "TheMike")

Team Uniforms


VL Wild Card


Calzone Champs

2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015

VL Champs

2001, 2007

SS Champs


Team Hall of Fame

SP David Meany [FBR]

2005-2008, 2011-2016

CF Scott Stout [FBR]