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Individual Honors


2005: William Reedy
2013: William Reedy

Silver Slugger

2005: William Reedy
2013: William Reedy

Platinum Pitcher

2013: Harold Smith

Fireman of the Year

2023: Samuel Pierce

Rookie of the Year

2008: Dwight Garner

Manager of the Year

2013: Kevin Pelton
2023: Kevin Pelton

All-Rookie Team

2001: William Reedy (1B)
2007: Julio Gillon (CL)
2008: Dwight Garner (DH)
2014: Floyd Waterbury (RF)
2015: Clarence Meeks (DH)
2018: John Bodie (CF)

1st Team All-FOBL

2005: William Reedy (1B)
2010: William Reedy (1B)
2012: William Reedy (1B)
2012: Brian Humble (RF)
2013: William Reedy (1B)
2013: Harold Smith (SP)
2023: Samuel Pierce (MR)

2nd Team All-FOBL

2001: Marcelino Prater (LF)
2002: William Reedy (1B)
2003: William Reedy (1B)
2007: Jeffrey Victoria (SS)
2008: William Reedy (1B)
2008: Bruce Thompson (LF)
2013: Jeffrey Victoria (SS)
2020: Paul Tarango (DH)
2020: Harold Smith (SP)

Owner Bio

Kevin Pelton (aka TDAO, aka The Dawgs Are Out, aka the Northwest Picadilly), joined the FOBL in an official capacity after the departure of Norman Tornadoes GM Sooner, who mysteriously 'disappeared' in the Great Plains Dust Storm in 2001. (Couldn't even enjoy a 90 win season....moment of silence.)

Kevin surveyed the damage left over, said 'Screw this. Where's the water?', packed up the franchise and headed to the Northwest, where his Des Moines Delinquents have been a model franchise ever since. 1 world title, 4 straight Prarie division titles, and Hall of Famer William Reedy have not bloated the head of the soft-spoken Dawgs, who was awarded the key to the city in 2013 and promptly gave it to a sick child at the local hospital.

He does, however, have one pet peeve. "We're in Washington, damnit. Yes, I know that there is a town with the same name in Iowa. I know that, so you don't have to tell me that 650 times a day, mostly by blue-haired ladies that are upset because they traveled from some freakin' booney-ville USA charter bus to the wrong city, when they can't even give the Chamber of Commerce a call to confirm that there is actually a freakin' Major League Baseball Team in that town. I know it. We are in Washington, forchrissakes. Washington! You hear that, Bernice? With the 'I didn't know there was a town in Washington, isn't there where George Bush lives? letter. Go root for Davenport. THEY'RE in Iowa."

OK, then. Des Moines, Washington.

Franchise Lineage:
2002 to Present: Des Moines Delinquents -- Owner: Kevin Pelton (aka "TDAO")
2001: Norman Tornadoes -- Owner: "Sooner"

Team Uniforms


GL Wild Card


Prairie Champs

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2023

GL Champs

2013, 2023

SS Champs

2013, 2023

Team Hall of Fame

1B William Reedy [FBR]


SS Jeffery Victoria [FBR]


SP Harold Smith [FBR]