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Individual Honors


2010: Roderick Pickens
2016: Solomon Davidson

Silver Slugger

2016: Solomon Davidson

Platinum Pitcher

2008: Peter Smitherman
2009: Roderick Pickens
2010: Roderick Pickens
2016: Robert Ferebee
2018: Robert Ferebee
2019: Robert Ferebee

Fireman of the Year

2018: Charles States
2019: Peter Dickey
2020: Charles States

Rookie of the Year

2007: Peter Smitherman
2016: Ernest Walker

Manager of the Year

2007: Kurtis Marshall
2008: Kurtis Marshall
2016: Kurtis Marshall
2019: Kurtis Marshall
2021: Kurtis Marshall

All-Rookie Team

2007: Marvin Ingram (CF)
2007: Peter Smitherman (SP)
2015: Nabetarou Hanshiro (1B)
2015: Solomon Davidson (RF)
2016: Ernest Walker (2B)
2018: Ron Goodall (2B)
2019: Peter Dickey (MR)
2020: Brian Nelligan (MR)
2023: Frederick Curtis (MR)

1st Team All-FOBL

2003: Gayle Robicheaux (3B)
2004: Gayle Robicheaux (3B)
2005: Gayle Robicheaux (3B)
2007: Gayle Robicheaux (3B)
2008: Peter Smitherman (SP)
2010: Roderick Pickens (SP)
2016: Solomon Davidson (RF)
2016: Robert Ferebee (SP)
2017: Solomon Davidson (RF)
2018: Charles States (CL)
2019: Byron Swopes (C)
2019: Maury Declark (DH)
2019: Robert Ferebee (SP)
2020: Peter Dickey (MR)
2020: Charles States (CL)

2nd Team All-FOBL

2005: Chad Decarlo (MR)
2006: Chad Decarlo (MR)
2010: Paul Pina (DH)
2010: Pedro Boone (RF)
2016: Melvin Martinez (CF)
2017: Melvin Martinez (CF)
2018: Solomon Davidson (RF)
2018: Robert Ferebee (SP)
2019: Peter Dickey (MR)
2020: Byron Swopes (C)

Owner Bio

Five-time VL Manager of the Year and ex-VL president, Kurtis Marshall (Kurtism) once negotiated a peace between High School thugs Fred "Bigbug" Shed and Hammertown Black, extracting lunch money and the promise of long-term protection against further action as his payment, thereby proving that the legal profession was in his blood. Unfortunately, the chicks still went for Bigbug and Hammertown, a fact that changed Kurtism deeply.

Feeling repressed, and unable to afford law school on the lunch money revenue stream alone, Kurtism took up exotic dancing to fund his education, and found it such a rush that he's still fond of slipping off to the sleazy side of Indy to mix it up on occasion. He is rumored to have won rights to the the Ice Weasels in a high-stakes poker game by convincing STK that two pair actually beat three-of-a kind.

Franchise Lineage:
2001 to Present: Indianapolis Ice Weasels -- Owner: Kurtis Marshall (aka "kurtism")

Team Uniforms


VL Wild Card


Calzone Champs

2008, 2009, 2010, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

VL Champs

2008, 2016, 2021, 2022

SS Champs

2016, 2021, 2022

Team Hall of Fame

3B Gayle Robicheaux [FBR]


SP Roderick Pickens [FBR]


MR Chad DeCarlo [FBR]