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Individual Honors


2002: Darrell Behm
2018: Ryan Drayton

Silver Slugger

2004: Darrell Behm

Platinum Pitcher


Fireman of the Year

2001: Ian Beck
2008: Ian Beck
2017: Jimmie Slemp

Rookie of the Year

2015: Robert Valley

Manager of the Year

2001: Bryan Penberthy
2014: George Ciervo
2017: George Ciervo
2019: George Ciervo

All-Rookie Team

2001: Clarence Stambaugh (C)
2006: Tracey Bean (1B)
2006: Lester Hester (3B)
2007: Jason Scott (MR)
2009: Michael Shephard (LAS)
2010: Alva Bustillos (LF)
2015: Errol Ewing (MR)
2016: Xabel Sanchez (SP)
2016: Tyler Simmons (MR)
2018: Paul Shapely (2B)
2018: Kevin Turner (SP)
2018: Gerald Ringler (MR)
2019: Jorge Davila (CL)
2022: Lee McKittrick (DH)
2022: Pardo Amaya (LF)

1st Team All-FOBL

2001: Ian Beck (CL)
2002: Darrell Behm (CF)
2004: Darrell Behm (CF)
2006: Clarence Stambaugh (C)
2009: Keith Day (RF)
2017: Juan Bennett (MR)
2018: Ryan Drayton (RF)
2023: Bill Cortina (3B)

2nd Team All-FOBL

2002: Bradley Olmos (RF)
2004: Ian Beck (CL)
2006: Ian Beck (CL)
2007: Lester Hester (3B)
2008: Ian Beck (CL)
2009: Clarence Stambaugh (C)
2011: Lewis Walther (RF)
2017: Jimmie Slemp (CL)
2018: Charles Dorazio (CF)
2023: Donnie Vanover (MR)

Owner Bio

Cuervo (or alternatively, "Mr. Cuervo") started his career in business with the help of his Great Uncle Cuervo, who bestowed a generous amount of stock in his tequila factory upon Cuervo on his twenty-first birthday. Not one to sit idly by watching stock quotes (the idle sitting came much later), Cuervo sold the stock and used the profits to acquire the rights to old episodes of the popular show Sábado Gigante. "If Sábado can be gigante" Cuervo reasoned, "every day can be gigante!" Cuervo ran the episodes continuosly on his new cable channel, the All Sábado Station. It was a rousing success.

Now a player in the field of cable programming, Cuervo used what he believed to be the main draw of Sábado - pechos gigante - in establishing other channels. A series of hits from the Emanuelle Network to Naked Classic (featuring "Lost Nude classics" and "Nude Century", montages of selected actresses' nude scenes from throughout their career) further extended his programming empire.

Cuervo became the owner of the Las Vegas Lightning having been hand selected by previous owner NoMyths, who gave up the team - and all the rest of his material belongings - to embark on a spiritual journey in the mountains of Wyoming to "find himself" (not to escape pending illegal prostitution charges). In addition to running the Lightning and overseeing his programming empire, Cuervo contributes to many charities, and has recently established a home for B-movie actresses who are down on their luck and need help in getting back on their feet (and not to have them lay flat on their backs as some have alleged).

Franchise Lineage:
2013 to Present: Las Vegas Lightning -- Owner: George Ciervo (aka "cuervo72")
2001 to 2012: Las Vegas Lightning -- Owner: Bryan Penberthy (aka "NoMyths")

Team Uniforms


GL Wild Card


Dola Champs

2001, 2002, 2003, 2009, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2023, 2024

GL Champs

2017, 2022

SS Champs


Team Hall of Fame

C Clarence Stambaugh [FBR]


CL Ian Beck [FBR]

2001-2009, 2012

CF Darrell Behm [FBR]

2002-2004, 2009-2010

SS James Stephens [FBR]