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Individual Honors


2003: Andrew Stafford
2007: Charles Dorazio
2009: Charles Dorazio
2010: John Johnson

Silver Slugger

2001: William Remy
2003: Andrew Stafford
2007: Charles Dorazio
2010: John Johnson
2018: William Landa
2020: Todd Davis

Platinum Pitcher

2018: Douglas Morehead
2019: Douglas Morehead

Fireman of the Year

2007: James Crose

Rookie of the Year

2014: James Dias
2017: Ballas Aguayo

Manager of the Year

2003: Daimyo
2009: Daimyo
2018: Daimyo

All-Rookie Team

2003: Matthew Austin (RF)
2004: Bill Gallegos (3B)
2005: Michael Mims (C)
2005: Paul Surratt (SS)
2006: Charles Dorazio (CF)
2009: Santiago Dion (CL)
2014: Todd Davis (3B)
2014: Luis Orellana (SS)
2014: James Dias (LF)
2016: Brian Rice (C)
2017: Ballas Aguayo (DH)
2018: Bo Warren (SS)

1st Team All-FOBL

2001: William Remy (1B)
2002: William Remy (1B)
2003: Andrew Stafford (DH)
2003: Barton Emrich (C)
2005: Ralph Willis (LF)
2006: Daniel Berman (RF)
2007: James Crose (CL)
2009: Brian Humble (CF)
2010: John Johnson (2B)
2010: Charles Dorazio (CF)
2014: Fred Janney (C)
2015: Fred Janney (C)
2015: James Dias (LF)
2016: Brian Rice (C)
2017: Brian Rice (C)
2018: Brian Rice (C)
2018: Arthur Shaeffer (1B)
2018: William Landa (CF)
2018: Douglas Morehead (SP)
2019: Todd Davis (2B)
2020: Todd Davis (2B)
2020: Brian Rice (C)

2nd Team All-FOBL

2002: Andrew Stafford (1B)
2003: Henry Cansler (SP)
2005: Daniel Berman (RF)
2006: Barton Emrich (C)
2007: Guadalupe Hensler (2B)
2007: Charles Dorazio (CF)
2008: Daniel Berman (RF)
2009: Carlos Gatton (1B)
2009: Charles Dorazio (LF)
2009: Michael Stthomas (SP)
2010: Carlos Gatton (1B)
2014: James Dias (LF)
2016: Todd Davis (2B)
2016: James Dias (LF)
2017: James Dias (LF)
2018: Todd Davis (2B)
2018: James Dias (LF)
2019: William Landa (CF)
2019: Douglas Morehad (SP)
2020: Arthur Shaeffer (1B)
2023: Todd Davis (2B)

Owner Bio

TheRoyalOne, AKA TRO, AKA TRA, AKA TheRoyalApe, AKA Ape made his first billion selling Monkey Porn on the black market. He produced such hits as Grape Ape Does Grand Rapids and Gorillas in the Buff. His current project is Jungle Fever, a Spike Lee Porn.

An original owner of the FOBL, he has ran the Montana Monarchs much like any ape would. He goes all out for what he wants then gets tired of it shortly after he gets it. Then he decides to eat shit for a few years and claim that it tastes good. Overall he doesn't trade rape many people, but those who take the big ape don't soon forget.

Rumors now are that the eccentric Monkey Porn Magnate is spending a fortune, he missed the $19.99 special because he didn't order in the next 10 minutes, to have plastic surgery to turn himself into Elvis Presley. Would that make him the real RoyalOne or give him a new moniker, TRI, TheRoyalIdiot...

Franchise Lineage:
2024 to Present: Seminole Honkies -- Owner: Kevin Beck (aka "TRO")
2022 to 2023: Seminole Honkies -- Owner: "KWhit"
2002 to 2022: Seminole Honkies -- Owner: "Daimyo"
2001: Seminole Honkies -- Owner: Mark Petrolis (aka "petrochile")

Team Uniforms


GL Wild Card


Wilderness Champs

2002, 2003, 2007, 2009, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

GL Champs

2002, 2009, 2018, 2019

SS Champs

2009, 2018, 2019

Team Hall of Fame

LF Daniel Berman [FBR]


1B Andrew Stafford [FBR]


CF Charles Dorazio [FBR]

2006-2010, 2021