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Individual Honors


2008: Antonio Ohl
2015: Antonio Ohl
2017: Antonio Ohl

Silver Slugger

2008: Antonio Ohl
2009: Antonio Ohl
2012: Antonio Ohl
2015: Antonio Ohl
2017: Antonio Ohl

Platinum Pitcher

2008: Steven Andujar
2023: Felix Rodriguez

Fireman of the Year

2003: David Wagner
2005: David Wagner

Rookie of the Year

2004: Larry Goguen

Manager of the Year

2004: Chris Shue
2010: Chris Shue

All-Rookie Team

2002: Lyle Farley (LF)
2004: Larry Goguen (CF)
2005: Pat Gordon (LF)
2011: Christian Caceras (LF)
2012: Travis Smith (CF)
2013: Byron Swopes (C)
2014: Ismael Orosco (MR)
2018: Freeman Kivett (1B)
2021: Miyohiko Tomomi (SP)

1st Team All-FOBL

2003: David Wagner (CL)
2005: David Wagner (CL)
2007: Elvis Cianciolo (RF)
2009: Antonio Ohl (3B)
2010: Antonio Ohl (3B)
2011: Antonio Ohl (3B)
2012: Jesus Bustos (2B)
2012: Antonio Ohl (3B)
2013: Antonio Ohl (3B)
2015: Antonio Ohl (3B)
2017: Antonio Ohl (3B)
2018: Antonio Ohl (3B)
2019: Antonio Ohl (3B)
2023: Fabian Barr (C)
2023: Felix Rodriguez (SP)

2nd Team All-FOBL

2008: Antonio Ohl (DH)
2008: David Tiffany (CF)
2008: Steven Andujar (SP)
2010: Newton Smith (LF)
2011: Jesus Bustos (2B)
2011: Richard Gonzalez (CF)
2011: Newton Smith (LF)
2012: Newton Smith (LF)
2014: Antonio Ohl (3B)
2016: Byron Swopes (C)
2016: Antonio Ohl (DH)
2017: Byron Swopes (C)

Owner Bio

Former child actor and five-time Star Search Champion (spokesmodel category) Chris Shue took a somewhat unconventional route to his current position as GM and Owner-for-Life of the Virginia Baseball Woodchucks. Penniless and pantsless at age 9, Chris was hawking fresh-baked mini-cheesecakes on the inner-city streets when he was discovered by famed talent scout Irving "Swifty" Lazar.

Numerous commercials (including Magic Shell dessert topping and Aerobicize Ken Doll with interchangeable head bands) and magazine covers (like Teen Beat) later Chris was a washed-up 15-year-old freebasing Robitussin and abusing Skoal Bandits like the world was going to end in a big ball of flaming agony (read: badly and soon). Thanks to helping hands from fellow addicts Corey Feldman and Adam Rich, Shue was able to stop having sex with middle-aged married men for drugs and money (metaphorically speaking, of course.)

Squeaky clean and high on nothing more than Diet Coke and Aromatherapy, Chris saved his residuals from the first season of Head of the Class (he played quirky Orthodox jokester "Steinberg") until he had a huge pickle jar full of quarters and nickels. When he heard through the rehab grapevine that FOBL was selling franchises, he jumped at the chance for ownership. The rest, as they say, is scrumtrulecent.

Located in downtown Alexandria, Virginia, the famed Baseball Woodchucks play an exciting brand of baseball in an A-List Stadium. In fact, The Tater Farm is known more for who is hangin' in the Owner's Box than for the champion dongers on the field. Hollywood royalty Ashley Hamilton and Jaleel White are just a few of the regular visitors. And true to his show-biz roots, Shue places a high premium on between-inning entertainment. To whit: on any given night hall-of-fame comediennes Paula Poundstone and Rita Rudner can be counted on to keep all the celebs and fans at the park in stitches. Don't get them started! Don't EVEN get them started! Even funnier is the now famous tradition of the team owner attending the game SANS PANTS.

"Coming to the game without pants on keeps me grounded," reflected Shue in a recent interview, "Guys like Arsenio and Mesach tell me all the time that my pantsless appearances bridge the gap between black and and poor. And to be honest, I have one thing to say to those guys."

"Whatever it takes."

Franchise Lineage:
2001 to Present: Virginia Woodchucks -- Owner: Chris Shue

Team Uniforms


GL Wild Card

2005, 2007, 2012

Wilderness Champs

2001, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2011

GL Champs

2004, 2010

SS Champs

2004, 2010

Team Hall of Fame

SS James Mosteller [FBR]


SP Mark Flakes [FBR]


CF Elvis Cianciolo [FBR]


CL David Wagner [FBR]