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Individual Honors


2016: Lawerence Spillers
2023: Lawerence Spillers

Silver Slugger

2016: Lawerence Spillers
2023: Lawerence Spillers

Platinum Pitcher


Fireman of the Year

2002: John Gonzalez
2012: Charles States

Rookie of the Year

2012: Giuseppe Gonzalez
2020: Lamont Colon

Manager of the Year

2015: Simon Cable

All-Rookie Team

2001: Darrell Stowers (LF)
2004: James Rotter (2B)
2006: Lou Bibler (2B)
2013: Lawerence Spillers (1B)
2020: Lamont Colon (2B)

1st Team All-FOBL

2002: John Gonzalez (CL)
2014: Angel McBride (SS)
2014: Larry Goguen (CF)
2015: Angel McBride (SS)
2016: Lawerence Spillers (1B)
2016: Larry Goguen (CF)
2023: Lawerence Spillers (1B)
2023: Lamont Colon (2B)

2nd Team All-FOBL

2003: Mark Sims (CF)
2005: Eugene McManis (CL)
2010: Stephen Riley (3B)
2013: Guiseppe Gonzalez (SP)
2014: Larry Spillers (1B)
2014: Guiseppe Gonzalez (SP)
2014: Charles States (CL)
2015: Lawerence Spillers (1B)
2015: Larry Goguen (CF)
2017: Lawerence Spillers (1B)
2018: Lawerence Spillers (1B)

Owner Bio

Simon "Simms" Cable: inventor, commissioner, raconteur: personifies the "can-do spirit" like no one else. It is as if God Himself decided on a whim to fashion a human being out of just grit and determination (and some hair), placing him on Earth to serve as an inspiration to billionaires everywhere.

It was as a light-hitting utility man in the Toronto Blue Jays system that Simms first stumbled upon the idea to sell chewing tobacco to children. After all, what kid didn't want to be like a big leaguer, scratching his nuts, chewing tobacco, and violating groupies by the busload? Unfortunately, local ordinances being what they were forced Simms to abandon the idea of putting REAL tobacco in brightly-colored pouches embossed with cartoon characters. So one day, while enjoying a candy novelty cigarette or two, it hit him: why not put an obscene amount of sugary, shredded bubble gum in the pouch instead? Big League Chew was born on the spot and Simms made his fortune.

Fast forward 10 years later. After several failed creations: including whole wheat chocolate and naked lady lightbulbs, Mr. Cable (that's what his waitstaff calls him) decided to buy into the fledgling Front Office Baseball League. A few innocent fistfights and rehab trips later, the league decided to replace the founding commish, STK, with Mr. Inspiration: Simon Cable.

It is at The Hangar--Wichita's home park--that Simms applies his wit and genius: cranking out Burgers on a Stick and Beer by the Gallon Jug to Tumbleweed faithful. Whether it's entertaining local Wichita celebs or holding impromptu motivational clinics for overweight shut-ins, Simon Cable continues to make his mark on the American Landscape.

Franchise Lineage:
2001 to Present: Wichita Tumbleweeds — Owner: Simon Cable (aka "Simms")

Team Uniforms


GL Wild Card

2004, 2006, 2015, 2016

Prairie Champs

2003, 2014, 2022, 2024

GL Champs

2003, 2015

SS Champs


Team Hall of Fame

CF Mark Sims [FBR]

2001-2007, 2010-2011

3B Stephen Riley [FBR]


SP Arden Krueger [FBR]


SP Jerry Gabaldon [FBR]


CF Larry Goguen [FBR]


CL Charles States [FBR]